Cleaning and disinfection is an important part of cleaning. We’ve identified the best techniques to use in cleaning your home. Being prudent about the use of certain chemicals can help get rid of harmful contaminants and protect your health. Using disinfectants appropriately by reading the label, as a result you’ll have a better indoor air quality. Maid Green stands committed to protecting our clients and the public, by staying informed. Our team wear face covering and gloves. By Cleaning high touch areas, the most touched areas in your home, we can help you stay healthy. We clean for your health instead of appearance is important. The areas which our service has identified need to be sanitized on a regular basis, or as a routine. Keeping a healthy habit together with hand washing routines helps you build a strong foundation against contaminants to protecting your health. Contact our Cleaning Service in Bloomfield. 

Covid-19 HighTouch Cleaning

Entry Points — Doorknobs, light switches and handrails.

Handles — Microwaves and cupboards/cabinets.

Appliances — Ovens, refrigerators and washers/dryers.

Electronics — Keyboards, computer mouse and tablets.

Hand Helds— Cell phones, remotes, and gaming controls.

Surfaces — Countertops, cutting boards and tables.

Bathrooms— Toilet handles, including seats and lids.

Children— Toys, infant changing tables and furniture.

Furniture— Hard-surface chairs, tables and lamps.